My Story

About Catherine Crosbie

I used to be the in-house marketing director for a small personal injury law firm in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. During these three years, we increased our target intake by 94%, which enabled my employer to sell the practice. This gave me the opportunity to help lawyer clients across North America with their marketing systems so they could build their dream practices — without the risk, expense, and hassle of hiring an in-house marketing director. I established Proven Marketing for Lawyers Inc. in 2016 and soon started receiving requests from owners of other professional practices. In late 2018, I changed the company name to Proven Marketing for Professionals Inc. Now, I work with professionals in law, finance, health, and more. I’m Canada’s only education-based marketing consultant exclusively for professionals.

My Purpose

I believe that small business ownership offers incredible opportunity. With the right mindset and systems, it enables owners to control their own lives and create a business that serves their lifestyle, not the other way around. It gives professionals the chance to create their “perfect practice” and a means to truly “have it all” – prosperity, autonomy, gratification, and time. This is attainable for almost anyone regardless of gender, background, age, or orientation. The purpose of Proven Marketing for Professionals Inc. is to help professionals build their dream practices so that they can live their own versions of success and design their lives their way.

My Mission

My mission is to provide marketing support to professionals through consulting, operations, and training so they may build their dream practices. My “magnificent mission” is to be the best marketing resource for owners of small professional practices in Canada.

My Core Values

  • I treat everyone with respect
  • I show up prepared
  • I never stop learning
  • I do the right thing
  • I do what I say I’ll do
  • I find opportunity in challenge
  • I educate as I advise
  • I am result-driven


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Ben Glass of Great Legal Marketing likes to say he values his newsletter a close second to his licence to practice law. Until Catherine Crosbie took over my newsletter years ago, I did it myself – and let's face it, newsletters are fun but not the best and highest use of a senior lawyer's time. Catherine makes the newsletter something people want to read, gets it out on time, and frees me to seek justice for clients and make more money. It keeps us top of mind for thousands of followers, ensures repeat and referral business, and keeps attracting our ideal client--a recipe for success, and Catherine Crosbie is the executive chef!
Ches Crosbie QC
Owner / Patient Injury Law