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If you're interested in starting a newsletter for your law firm, this free book will set you off in the right direction and prevent you from making the biggest and most common newsletter marketing mistakes, saving you time, money, and frustration.

If your law firm already has a newsletter but you're interested in learning newsletter marketing practices that actually work, this book is for you too. The information it contains will prevent you from wasting your valuable resources and help you get the best return on your future marketing investment.

8 Newsletter Marketing Practices You're Doing Wrong is a short, no-nonsense book chocked full of surprising real-life stories and examples that illustrate what works, what doesn't, and why.

It will NOT confuse you with marketing jargon and it will share insider secrets about how small firms across North America do successful newsletter marketing. In it, you'll discover:

  • Why newsletter marketing is so important for law firms
  • The 8 biggest mistakes that lawyers make in their newsletter marketing
  • How to avoid common, costly mistakes and cash in on newsletter marketing done right
  • Why doing an e-newsletter only is like flushing your resources down the toilet
  • How often you should be producing a newsletter and why
  • How to create an effective newsletter in your very own office and avoid paying big bucks for an unnecessarily fancy newsletter design
  • You'll even get a handy newsletter checklist that will make sure every newsletter you produce is up to scratch

As a bonus, I've included two chapters from lawyer and legal marketing guru Ben Glass's newest book Renegade Lawyer Marketing. His book retails for $19.95 USD, but you get two of his chapters without charge when you request my free book 8 Newsletter Marketing Practices You're Doing Wrong.

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The newsletter is a hit so far. Nobody has called to cancel. It’s already paid for itself (I think). I’m of the strong belief that it is directly responsible for the intake of 8 cases in a short period. Thanks for your ongoing help!
Newsletter Client
Law Firm Owner in Canada