Authority Marketing

If you want to build more authority, credibility, and even celebrity status in your community, this long-term business development strategy may be right for you…

Get New Clients Lining Up To Hire You And Only You, Now And Forever

Most law firms only market to people who are ready to buy NOW. The reality is that most potential clients aren’t ready to buy now. Think about it…

Your prospects need a lawyer because there is a new, major event in their lives. All of a sudden, they’ve been thrust into the world of legal services. There are all manner of questions running through their minds, many of which make them delay seeking legal assistance:Questions

  • Do I need a lawyer?
  • Do I need a lawyer now?
  • Do I want a lawyer?
  • How do I find the right lawyer?

The list goes on…

Your prospects can either scour the internet for bits and pieces of precarious information, or they can come directly to you for reliable and useful information which establishes you as the go-to authority in your practice area. All you have to do is author a report.

Author a book


First, don’t be intimidated! When I say “report” I’m talking about a 30-page easy-reading publication that provides basic information (which happens to be highly valuable to your prospects). It contains information that you already know inside out, but is in the form of a written guide.

Second, don’t dismiss this “report thing” as just another marketing frivolity. Authoring a report is the best way to gain instant authority, credibility, and celebrity in prospects’ minds. Savvy owners of small to medium-sized law firms across North America have been doing this for years and continue to do it because it works.

Become A Leading Authority In Your Practice Area

When you start building a relationship with prospects through genuinely helpful information, you become the go-to lawyer when prospective clients are ready to hire — whether that’s tomorrow or in eight months’ time. But there are many other benefits to offering a report:

  • Having a free report automatically makes you an authority in your field. You’re not just a lawyer, you’re an author.Authority

  • A helpful information product like a report makes building trust with prospects dramatically easier and quicker than before.

  • When integrated with interesting personal details and stories, a report allows prospects to get to know and remember you, turning you into a local celebrity without you spending time with each individual prospect.
  • It makes you preeminent, setting you apart from competition.
  • It gives you a unique, evergreen marketing asset which easily creates other advertising assets like print ads, radio scripts, and more. You never have to fret over what to say in your advertising again because you always have a compelling message that generates results.
  • Prospects volunteer their contact information for valuable information, which allows you to send other educational follow-up marketing like a newsletter. When prospects make their final decision to hire a lawyer, you’re already top of mind and the natural first choice.
  • It gives you the power to track exactly who and how many prospects contacted you from any given source, so that you can calculate your return on marketing investment and finally understand the best ways to spend your marketing dollars.

Bring It To Life

You have two options…

Over the next few months, you can find time to figure out how to write a great report, then have at it. Or…

Proven Marketing for Professionals

You can take advantage of my proven system to get an interesting report that reflects your unique brand written for you. This is by far the easiest way of getting your report done, getting it done well, and getting it done soon, without consuming all of your precious time.

Plus, at the end of my Authority Marketing Program, you receive a complete, ready-to-use campaign including a combination of three different ads based on your individual advertising needs, so that you can put your report to work for you ASAP.

To learn more about my program, email or call 902-453-1903.

Our first step will be to schedule a prospective client interview, during which we will discover whether my Authority Marketing Program is right for you.

If so, we’ll start the authority, credibility, and celebrity-building process. Get ready for results.


Catherine is extremely talented in the design and development of an effective marketing strategy for your practice. Perhaps most importantly with Catherine on board you will have someone that knows how to execute on your plan. Any lawyer or for that matter any professional practice will see success with Catherine in charge of their marketing.
Vaughan De Kirby
Owner / Law Offices of Vaughan De Kirby