Ultimate Brand-Message Package


Do you want to stand out and make an impact in your marketplace? My Ultimate Brand-Message Package can help.

A Powerful Brand Message Is One Of The Most Valuable Assets You Can Own

The truth isMost business owners don’t understand the value of having a unique brand message. They think that “branding” is all about a good-looking logo and a “great advertisement” is attractive and sounds snappy. Unfortunately, they are sorely mistaken.

Don’t get me wrong — visuals are important. But the truth is, clear language which differentiates you in your marketplace has the remarkable power to attract more and better clients. Think about it…

Have you ever gone shopping for something that you knew little about? I remember shopping for my first barbeque. Suddenly, I was thrust into the world of barbeques and I had no idea how to navigate it.

There were expensive grills, mid-range grills, and cheap grills. They came in all shapes and sizes. But there was little information about what made one grill better than another, or which grill was right for me. I do recall seeing a complicated visual from one company about how heat circulates inside their barbeque, but that didn’t help.

What a frustrating process! I wanted to make a purchase, but I felt paralyzed. I eagerly searched for information that would tell me why one company was different or why a certain product was worth buying. It could have been as simple as, “This barbeque is small, so it’s easy to move around your yard and store for the winter.”

The barbeque business isn’t the only industry with unhelpful marketing…

The reality is, most lawyers fail to properly articulate how they’re different and the benefits they offer. In other words, you are probably not making it easy for prospective clients to choose you.

It’s not enough that your marketing has pretty pictures or videos. It needs carefully crafted messages that speak directly to your ideal clients and compel them to hire you. My Ultimate Brand-Message Package will give you original marketing messages to establish a memorable brand and generate more leads.  

Quick Description

In consultation with you, I develop your four key brand messages (aka the most magnetic messages for your brand). These key brand messages become assets that you can use with any medium (ex. website, radio commercial, newsletter, print advertisement…). You will always have go-to messages that make you stand out and generate response.

Juicy Details

It starts with a Brand Message Interview. During this interview, we complete a worksheet designed to uncover your brand potential.

With enough information, I get to work on your four key brand messages:

#1. Brand Story – Your brand story is a narrative that gives insight into your history, beliefs, and values so that prospective clients connect to and remember you. Every law firm has a unique Proven Marketingbrand story – it’s just a matter of finding it, framing it with the right words, and telling it in your marketing.

#2. Avatar Client Statement – Do 20% of your clients generate 80% of your revenue and 99% of your satisfaction? That’s your avatar client, the client you exist as a professional to serve. You – and your family – don’t want and should not settle for any others. The Avatar Client Statement is a formula that, once plugged into your practice, enables you to attract more avatar clients. I’ll complete this for you so that you can start attracting the client base of your dreams.

#3. Unique Selling Proposition – A Unique Selling Proposition is a statement about what makes you different from everyone else. It is strengthened by indicating a leadership position and erasing prospect fears. I’ll help you capture your USP to set you apart from the crowd.

#4. Guarantee – A guarantee is a formal promise that certain conditions will be fulfilled. It’s also an effective tool for getting prospective clients to hire you! With a little creativity, we can create a compelling guarantee that 1) passes muster with your regulating body 2) you’re comfortable with and 3) makes you more attractive to prospective clients.

When you’re ready to put your key brand messages to work, I consult with you about how to integrate them into your bigger picture marketing.

Note: It may take up to five phone consultations to collect all relevant information enabling me to develop your key brand messages. In order for these messages to be effective, they must be authentic. That means our consultations and your participation in them are critical to the process and end-product quality.

What You Get

  • The completed worksheet from our Brand Message Interview
  • Four key brand messages:
    1. Your Brand Story
    2. Your Avatar Client Statement
    3. Your Unique Selling Proposition
    4. Your Guarantee
  • Consulting on how to use your key brand messages
  • A formal reference document stating your key brand messages and how to use them

Optional Add-Ons

Some lawyers find it helpful to have a slogan or tagline. I can include this in your package if you don’t already have one. I can also customize the Ultimate Brand-Message Package to replace a key brand message that you already have with another, such as a mission statement, purpose statement, or statement of core values.

My Gold-Plated Guarantee

GuaranteeThe Ultimate Brand Message Package will transform your marketing. Truly, a powerful brand message is one of the most valuable assets you can own in your law business. I’m so confident the Ultimate Brand Message Package will earn back what you spend on it multiple times over that I promise this:

Assuming you implement your Ultimate Brand-Message as we discuss during consulting, and six months later you can honestly say that it has not had a clearly positive impact on your intake, I will DONATE $1,000 OUT OF MY POCKET TO YOUR CHARITY OF CHOICE. I know that from recent and current client experience that this package will deliver more and better clients. But if you differ, I’ll pay up – and I won’t make you feel guilty about it!

Get Started

Email Hello@CatherineCrosbie.com or call 902-453-1903 to see if the Ultimate Brand Message Package is right for you. 

What Others Say…

“We are a small personal injury law firm that recently faced the challenge of a name change and rebranding. Catherine Crosbie is our marketing consultant, and she managed our entire rebranding project. She planned and coordinated every aspect of the marketing assignment, including ensuring that all deadlines were met. She is extremely organized, efficient and detail-oriented. Most importantly, Catherine listened to our ideas, applied her expertise and knowledge in legal marketing, and delivered exactly what we envisioned. She is a true professional. We could not be happier with the result.” – Darlene Russell, Russell Accident Law

“It is more than refreshing to work with a young professional who has passion, the smarts and the desire to not only do the right thing, but do the right things you may never even have thought of! Being a business owner and having worked with many ‘marketing’ folks over the years I can easily say that you are on the right path working with Catherine Crosbie. I have known her personally for many years and have been lucky to gather insights and suggestions from her about my own marketing and ‘action plans’ She really is a rising star!” –Brian Mittman, Managing Partner, The Disability Guys

Catherine Crosbie is one of the sharpest young minds in the lawyer marketing world. She is capable of both delivering new clients to a law practice by improving their marketing while also showing them how to build a long-term brand in their community. If I were a practicing lawyer in Canada, I would absolutely hire Catherine to work on or run my marketing.  –Charley Mann; Chief Marketing Officer, Great Legal Marketing