Marketing Management

A Smart Marketing Solution To Grow Your Practice And Give You Back The Time You Spend On Day-To-Day Marketing Operations

Without The Hassle, Expense, And Risk Of Hiring An In-House Marketing Director

100% Guaranteed

If you’re like a lot of success-focused lawyers, you try to do it all: practice law, manage the business, and market the firm. The difficulty is, there’s not enough time in the day!

Don't be like this guy. Get a marketing management package.

Even if you’re exceptionally productive, there’s a ceiling on your income and shackles on your time when one person is responsible for doing it all. If you don’t already feel like that guy on the left, you’ll start to.

You have to start delegating to reliable and competent people in order to make more money and take more time away from the office. The best use of your attention is doing what you do best and what only you can do.

If you’re like most lawyers, marketing is probably not what you do best (you studied law, not marketing!). It’s definitely not something only you can do.

You Could

Hire someone in-house and train them yourself… But then you have to find the space, spend time and effort getting them situated, take on the extra overhead, and risk entering an unsatisfactory long-term employment relationship. Plus, your expertise is law – not marketing. Most high-achievers look for someone who can add value in ways they don’t know and can’t teach.vulture

Go to your media representative, like your account manager with the Yellow Pages… But that won’t help you develop or implement a cohesive, overarching strategy that applies to all your marketing. Plus, they’re more interested in selling their own product than giving good, independent advice.

Seek the assistance of a marketing agency… But you’d have to find one that specializes in lawyer marketing to ensure they understand the nature of your business. Then you have to beware of “marketing vultures” a.k.a. marketers who say the solution to your every problem is to spend more money. They’re like insurance adjusters – their main goal is to make profit.

What If You Could Get Help From Someone Who…

Marketing management questions

  • Has years of in-house legal marketing experience and works exclusively for lawyers (so she knows your business, what works, and what doesn’t)
  • Gives dedicated marketing support proven to generate results (so you can do what you do best and make more money)
  • Provides independent advice with no hidden agendas (so you feel great about your marketing decisions)
  • Helps you develop cohesive marketing and sharpens your execution of each individual project (so that you get more quality clients and build your brand)
  • Takes initiative with your list of marketing projects (so that you can get home in time for dinner instead of micromanaging people and projects all day long)
  • Offers custom results-driven Marketing Management packages with no long-term commitment (so you get the most from your budget and never get locked into a contract)

Does someone like this even exist? Yes, she does!

If you’ve been doing conventional marketing or nothing at all, you owe it to yourself, your family, and your clients to build a practice that serves your lifestyle, instead of the other way around. You owe it to yourself to try a Marketing Management package with Catherine Crosbie…

Catherine Crosbie

Pleased To Meet You

My name is Catherine. I’m a former in-house marketing director for a small personal injury law firm. During my years as Marketing Director, our target intake skyrocketed 94% — that’s right, we nearly doubled our number of ideal cases.

The marketing systems I implemented during those years allowed my employer to focus on practicing law, spend more time with family, and travel the world, without doubting that there would be a reliable stream of cash flow cases being opened on a monthly basis. The law firm became a saleable asset because of its marketing systems that attracted regular business. In fact, my employer accomplished what so few law firm owners do – he sold the practice.

Meanwhile, I decided to use my expertise to help lawyers across Canada implement ethical, outsourced marketing proven to generate results so they can get more quality cases, take back the time they spend on day-today marketing operations, and design their dream practice. I founded Proven Marketing for Professionals Inc. and I’ve been helping lawyers succeed ever since.

“Catherine is a gift to all Canadian lawyers who believe they’re more than just lawyers, but are entrepreneurs and business people who can make a difference in people’s lives. Without smart marketing, this message gets lost and they become just one more lawyer in the sea of lawyers… Consider yourself lucky to work with her.” –Kia Arian

A Marketing Management Package May Be RIGHT For You If…

  • You need help with a list of marketing projectscheck mark for marketing management
  • You understand the value of consistent, integrated marketing
  • You know there’s a difference between marketing and smart marketing
  • You’re not afraid to be “different” because “following the herd” isn’t the smartest way to get ahead
  • The term “outsourced marketing support” sounds exactly like what you need

But It May Not Be Right For You If…

  • You just want help with a short-term marketing project. (I may be able to help with your project, but monthly Marketing Management packages are designed for lawyers who want on-going support)
  • You don’t want to be directly and regularly involved in your firm’s marketing. (If we’re going to get the results you want, you have to play a role in strategy development and give timely feedback. Don’t get me wrong – I do 95% of the work. But effective marketing is a genuine reflection of your goals and values. I can’t deliver effective marketing without you.)
  • You want to be like all the other firms that look successful. (Part of why my marketing actually works is because it’s “different”. Striving to be like your competition isn’t going to get you very far.)

Here’s How A Marketing Management Package Works…

proven marketing managementFirst, we schedule a complimentary Prospective Client Interview. During this 20-30-minute phone meeting, we discover whether this is the right service for you.

If so, we schedule a meeting to discuss your goals and how to achieve them.

Then, I start managing your current projects and taking on new ones, so that you get more quality cases and spend less time on day-to-day marketing operations.

Your investment for Marketing Management depends on the scope of support that you want. There is a set monthly fee and packages are offered on a month-to-month basis, so no one is locked into a long-term contract.

Plus You Get Special Treatment

Marketing Management clients also get the following:

  • Bi-weekly phone consultations for up to 1-hour as needed
  • Consistent availability by email
  • Partnership with your team
  • Your history on file
  • Access to my network of trusted service providers

And My 100% Guarantee

I promise this:

GuaranteeIf at the end of our agreement we have acted on my recommendations and you can honestly say that you have not made any meaningful progress towards getting more quality cases and spending less time on marketing operations, I WILL DONATE $500 OUT OF MY POCKET TO YOUR CHARITY OF CHOICE. I know that from recent and current client experience that this program will enable you make more money and spend less time on marketing. But if you differ, I’ll pay up – and I won’t make you feel guilty about it.

Furthermore, unlike many marketing folks, I will NEVER HOLD YOUR MARKETING ASSETS HOSTAGE out of spite for lost business or in effort to squeeze more money out of you. Your marketing assets belong to you and I will give them to you when requested with no extra charge and even if our agreement is long over.

Get Started

Email or call 902-453-1903 to schedule your Prospective Client Interview.


As someone who is responsible for writing a law firm newsletter, I always turn to Catherine’s publications for great ideas. Her newsletters are not only relevant and informative, they are also heartfelt and genuine. I love the way they incorporate their lives outside of the office; it really gives the reader a sense of who they are dealing with. Catherine is an amazing author, produces awesome newsletters and press releases, and is an all-around great person who is highly organized and insightful. She will do wonders for any firm and I am proud to say I have used her guidance.
Anneke Godlewski
Director of Marketing & Communications / Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC